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PowerPoint Viewer 2010help and info

  • Is PowerPoint Viewer 2010 legal?

    The good news is that this software program is absolutely legal to download and install. However, it is recommended that you only utilise trusted websites such as Softonic in order to ensure that there are no viruses or other types of malware present.

  • What is PowerPoint Viewer 2010?

    This program essentially enables you to open and view traditional PowerPoint presentations regardless of their format. The main difference with this version is that the user can also access files created within the 2010 framework. There are no transition issues, so the system can be a great way to access older files.

  • Can I download PowerPoint Viewer 2010 for free?

    Users will be pleased to know that there is no charge to download or install this program. This is beneficial for those who might not be able to afford similar third-party software that requires a paid subscription.

  • How do I install PowerPoint Viewer 2010?

    Once you have clicked on the "Start Here" box, a pop-up window will emerge that highlights the file type as well as its size. You can also choose where this viewer will be installed.

  • What is the file size of PowerPoint Viewer 2010?

    The total file size of this bundle is 63.21 megabytes. It is therefore suited for most operating systems and it should not lead to any performance issues. If you wish, the file can be saved to an external device such as a USB memory stick (should any memory issues be present).

  • Is PowerPoint Viewer 2010 safe?

    This version has been officially licensed by Microsoft. Therefore, you have little to worry about in regards to any embedded viruses. Softonic regularly checks to make certain that there are no safety concerns associated with any available programs.

  • Where will PowerPoint Viewer 2010 be installed?

    In most cases, this bundle will automatically be installed within the "Downloads" folder. It is also possible to choose the destination where the file will be saved. It can be placed upon the desktop for easy access or within a designated folder.

  • Can PowerPoint Viewer 2010 be burned onto a CD?

    It is not possible to burn this program onto a CD. The reason for this is that the developers need to be able to provide future security updates. These updates would not be capable of taking place if the viewer were stored on a static device. Therefore, a full installation is required.

  • Can PowerPoint Viewer 2010 be used for business purposes?

    There are no limits in regards to how this system is used. It can be employed for personal requirements and it is just as capable of providing business-related tasks such as giving a presentation or sharing files.

  • Will PowerPoint Viewer 2010 work with Mac-based systems?

    One of the most unique features in regards to this viewer is that it can be used with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Therefore, few issues exist with compatibility. Please note that the original PowerPoint software will first need to be installed.